federation of aluminium consumers in europe

CENTROAL EVENT: Aluminium: present and future between globalization, sustainability and duties

The conference is thought to spread the knowledge of the potentiality that the Italian and European industries of aluminiun may reach on a global scale in terms of production, richness, application and technological advancement.  The per capita use of aluminium is an index of the level of life quality of a nation. While the Western countries, namely USA, Germany and Italy, are the main users of aluminium in several key sectors, many other great countries still need to grow and intensify their aluminium’s use. What kind of norms are necessary to promote at its best the aluminium-related know how and the italian and european technologies in the sectors of aviation, transportation, construction industry, packaging and aerospace?Energy, environment and commercial policies are at the core of this debate with remarkable speakers coming from the world of politics, academic and industrials. Alessandro Plateroti, journalist of Sole24Ore will be the moderator.


The speakers are representatives of the industrial and political sectors. An overview of the global dynamics that have made the last 100 years of ‘history’ with a focus on sustainability from different perspectives and the commercial policies between Trump, the EU and the needs of Italy.

    With a membership comprised of many of the top aluminium downstream stakeholders, the Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe (FACE) is the voice of Europe’s aluminium consumers.


    Members :
    Observer members :
    • Russian Aluminium Association


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