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Austria Metall AG Receives Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s Certification


AMAG, the biggest company in the Austrian aluminium industry sector, became on September 20th the world’s first integrated company with rolling mill, foundry and recycling to receive the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative’s (ASI) Performance Standard certification. AMAG is now one of only three companies to be successfully certified against ASI’s standards for responsible production, procurement and stewardship of aluminium.


AMAG produces recycling foundry alloys, ingots and sows and focuses on recycled materials. The company is a supplier for a number of downstream use sectors – aircraft, architecture, automotive, packaging, and sporting goods among others.


The ASI Certification programme is a voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain. The certification means that AMAG’s aluminium at its Ranshofen facility in Austria meets the industry’s highest sustainable production and processing standards.


Dr. Helmut Kaufmann, Chief Operating Officer at AMAG Austria Metall AG, commented:


“With this certification, we provide proof of both sustainable and responsible production and processing of aluminium in the areas of the environment, governance and society, and we confirm again that we are consistent in pursuing the AMAG principle of ‘Adding value through commitment’.”


Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said:


“This latest certification brings a strong emphasis on metal recycling activities within ASI, and we commend AMAG’s commitment and technological investments in this area, as well as their broader sustainability endeavours.”


AMAG is a major Austrian supplier of primary aluminium and semi-finished aluminium products. The company employed 1,880 people in 2017 and owns a 20% stake in the Canadian smelter Alouette. The company is a founding member of the ASI, which was created in 2012 to promote several sustainability standards from environment to health & safety throughout the entire aluminium supply chain.


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