federation of aluminium consumers in europe


Intervention of FACE on RAI1: Chinese antidumping and import tariffs
Interview of Mario Conserva, FACE Secretary General, on RAI GR Parlamento (Radio)
Intervista di Mario Conserva, Segretario Generale FACE, su RAI GR Parlamento (Radio)
FACE welcomes EN+ Group/RUSAL’s “Green Aluminium Vision” in a new YouTube video
FACE calls on the EU Institutions and Governments to adopt the proposals of En+/Rusal Manifesto
FACE: UE e Stati Membri adottino le proposte del Manifesto del Gruppo En+/Rusal
Lord Barker, chairman of the EN+ Group, reveals today the Group’s “Green Aluminium Vision”
AEC is urging the US to end Section 232 tariffs on imported aluminium
EGA launches COVID-19 industry task force with members including Bee’ah, Masdar and Dp World