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Trump Tariffs: Implications for Europe’s Aluminium Industry

  The Congressional Research Service – the think tank of the U.S. Congress – published this October a report on the effects of President Donald Trump’s tariffs on U.S. aluminium manufacturing.   In spring this year, the White House used the so-called “Section 232” provisions from the U.S. Trade Expansion […]

The Aluminium Sector and Changes in the Global Industrial Scenario

  A preview of the main points of the new industry analysis prepared by Luiss University in Rome by Ernesto Cassetta, Umberto Monarca, Davide Quaglione e Cesare Pozzi The framework of the ongoing structural changes in the industry of raw aluminium and semis in the European Union analysed considering the […]

Three Sectors That Aluminium Will Disrupt

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, and yet the light metal was discovered only a couple of centuries ago. Today, powered by the drive to sustainable development, aluminium is everywhere – beverage cans, window frames and food packaging. At the same time, the European Union is […]

The Tariff War and Sanctions Against Rusal Can Devastate the European Aluminium Market

  by Mario Conserva For some time now we have been following Trump’s initiatives which concern very closely the world’s aluminium system. Today the picture seems to be more defined and it is possible to provide a better interpretation of what is going on and of the possible consequences for […]

Aluminium Recycling Is Key To Europe’s Sustainability

Thanks to its durability and recycling properties, an incredible 75 per cent of aluminium ever produced is still in use today. It’s no wonder that aluminium recycling has a pivotal role in supporting Europe’s drive to sustainability as well as providing more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in small- […]

Four Latest Trends In Aluminium Driving Sustainable Development

Aluminium offers solutions to many of Europe’s sustainability challenges. It is light, strong and infinitely recyclable. A combination of technological advances and voluntary environmental efforts by aluminium producers and consumers make aluminium a key driver of Europe’s transition to a sustainable and circular economy. From packaging to mobility, aluminium is […]

FACE Special 20th Anniversary Celebration And General Assembly 2018

The Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe continues its battle, working with Rome’s LUISS University on the second phase of the large study dedicated to the competitiveness of the light metal’s downstream in the EU.  by Roberto Guccione FACE, the Federation of EU Aluminium Consumers, founded in 1998 by 42 […]

Why Aluminium Is On Top Of Latest Drinking Trends

Last week, the UK’s leading grocery chain Tesco became the first supermarket to start selling water in aluminium cans rather than plastic bottles. With an ever-increasing recycling rate across Europe, aluminium is a natural ally in reducing plastic waste while helping the European Union reach its environment and circular economy […]

In memory of Gabriele Galante

Past president of Amafond and Cemafon, Gabriele Galante marked fundamental stages in the development of the Italian foundry industry by Mario Conserva On July 12th Gabriele Galante passed away: a great player on the Italian and global foundry scene, founder and president of IMF in Luino and one of the deepest […]


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