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FACE General Secretary’s message for the #AluminiumDay

Mario Conserva, General Secretary of FACE, has focused his message on the Green Deal during the Aluminium Day event (13th March, 2020).

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“Hello, my name is Mario Conserva, I am the Secretary-general of the Federation of Aluminium Consumers in Europe – FACE.

FACE is the voice of Europe’s independent aluminium transformers, and has long advocated for the downstream sector interests inside the European institutions. Today, our story will focus on the Green Deal.

The Green Deal is the flagship of the new European Commission. It is an ambitious package of measures that will enable European citizens and businesses to benefit from the sustainable green transition. It will tackle climate and environmental-related challenges, and as well paving the way to a new European growth strategy… one that is sustainable for the planet and inclusive for its people.

The Green Deal is a historic journey, the most transformational project in the history of the European Union. Aluminium is the perfect material to contribute to our change of civilisation towards carbon neutrality. Aluminium is lightweight and can for example reduce up to 40% of the weight of cars, thus sharply reducing emissions. The lightness of aluminium will also help the electric and autonomous mobility revolution, compensating for the load of batteries and captors.

Aluminium recycling requires up to 95% less energy than metal production, and almost 90% of the aluminium produced since 100 years is still among us, recycled indefinitely.  Aluminium is the champion of the circular economy, and thus will play a strategic role in the innovative and sustainable industrial leadership of Europe.

Happy Aluminium Day !”


Mario Conserva



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