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Impol Launches New Automotive Production Line


Slovenian aluminium products manufacturer Impol launched a 6.5 million euro production line at its subsidiary TLM in the coastal town of Šibenik in Croatia. The new line will produce aluminium sheets for the automotive and aerospace industries.


With the new facility, Impol is seeking to consolidate its position on the expanding automobile market and is making its first steps in the aviation sector, local media reported.


The line went live on the 8th of May and is expected to manufacturer 100,000 tonnes of aluminium products in the current year.


“[This] is an important investment to attract and serve final customers who consume the biggest amount of aluminium products and require the highest quality standards,” said Impol’s CEO Andrej Kolmanič.


Impol has invested some €80 million so far in its subsidiary TLM that employs around 400 people. The company is also planning to make further investments in Croatia, and open a new foundry by 2021.


Impol – Slovenia’s largest maker of flat rolled and extruded aluminium products – bought the facilities of bankrupted TLM Aluminium last year for €9.8 million. The Impol Group – consisting of Impol-TLM and Impol-Seval – plans to become one of the largest aluminium processors in Europe by 2025.


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