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Rheinfelden Alloys Signs Global Licensing Agreement With MNA Nikkei MC Aluminium


Rheinfelden Alloys – a subsidiary of  FACE member company Aluminium Rheinfelden Group – has signed a global licensing agreement with Japanese firm MNA Nikkei MC Aluminium for the production of innovative, patented aluminium alloys.


The agreement authorises NMA Nikkei MC Aluminium to manufacture and sell several Rheinfelden alloy families worldwide, with immediate effect: Silafont, Castasil, Castaduct, and Castaman.


“It is an important step for us in the growth strategy of our company,” said Erika Zender – CEO of Aluminium Rheinfelden. Shuichi Asakuno – CEO of MNA Nikkei MC Aluminium – added: “The special alloys of Rheinfelden Alloys round out our portfolio perfectly, and we can now better meet the needs of innovative foundries and OEMs.”


Since its foundation in 1994, Rheinfelden Alloys has become a leader in the development and production of innovative aluminium alloys for vehicle construction. Compared to components made from pure aluminium, specialist aluminium alloys enable increased productivity in manufacturing, and higher quality components with more complex shapes and thinner walls.


Until now, the only limiting factor in the distribution of alloys by Rheinfelden Alloys was that customers could only source the refined raw materials from the production site in Rheinfelden. “That restricted us significantly in terms of both volume and logistics,” explained Zender. This restriction was out of touch with the modern requirements of the supply chains in the global automotive industry, according to Zender.


The new licensing agreement combines the high production capacity and international sales network of NMA Nikkei MC with the specialist know-how of Rheinfelden Alloys. It allows NMA Nikkei MC Aluminium to produce the alloys from its locations in Japan, the USA, Thailand and China, and extend the sale to Asia and the NAFTA region. The certification of further production facilities in countries such as Mexico and India, is currently in planning.


“With this agreement, we are boosting our potential production volume and, for the first time, we are directly represented in the key regions of the automotive sector,” underlined Zender.


“The agreement really is a win-win that benefits all parties,” said Zender. “Casting plants and customers worldwide receive access to high-end raw materials that can be used to make lightweight components and cut costs in production; together with NMA Nikkei MC Aluminium, we are able to further differentiate ourselves on the market and create more growth impetus.”


Prior to the agreement, NMA Nikkei MC Aluminium underwent comprehensive certification by Aluminium Rheinfelden. At the same time, there was significant knowledge transfer in application consulting, ensuring that customers are supported in deploying the innovative aluminium alloys.


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