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Spanish Aluminium Company Baux Sold To Jupiter Aluminium


NK5 – an investment company specialising in businesses experiencing difficulties – has announced the sale of the Spanish industrial group Baux to Jupiter Aluminum – an American aluminium recycling specialist.


Baux is devoted to the production of hot- and cold-rolled and lacquered aluminium products from 100%-recycled materials. The Spanish group became part of the NK5 portfolio in January 2017 after its intervention, starting in July 2015, to save the group and restructure its finances. The group’s revenue reached over €200 million in 2017 under the ownership of NK5. This year, Baux improved further its earning and became one of the top 5 players in its sector in Europe.


Juan José Nieto, executive chairman and founding partner of NK5, commented:

“This is a very important transaction. Very important for NK5 because it is the perfect example of what we want and know how to do; very important for Baux, which three years ago was on the verge of disappearing and is now an international leader with over 300 employees and promising growth prospects; and very important for Jupiter Aluminum because it is embarking, with a major leap, on its international expansion with a highly professional team and a company which is strongly and profitably positioned vis-a-vis its markets and customers.”


President of Jupiter Aluminum, Paul-Henri Chevalier said:

“We believe that the company has the same philosophy and skill set as Jupiter and we are convinced that together we can continue to grow as a truly international business. In other words, Baux is a natural extension of Jupiter Aluminum.”


Jupiter Aluminum was founded in 1992 in Chicago Illinois and the Baux acquisition is the company’s first international transaction. Serving building and construction markets, Jupiter operates an aluminium mill that produces scrap based aluminium mill finish and painted coils, alloys, and tempers.




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