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Mario Conserva among leading international aluminium figures

The prestigious organization International Aluminium Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary and honours the Secretary General of FACE for his commitment to the industry.


Mario Conserva, Secretary General of FACE (the federation of aluminium transformers and users in Europe), President of METEF (reference exhibition on aluminium in Italy, created 25 years ago) and Editor in Chief of the International magazine Alluminio & Leghe (Aluminium & Alloys) has been recognised as one of the 50 most influential people in the aluminium industry worldwide.


As part of the International Aluminium Institute’s 50th Anniversary, they are celebrating the people at the centre of our industry. The “50 People” campaign showcases and celebrates the resilience and ingenuity of past and present people who have made the aluminium industry what it is today.


The institute states: “Mario has made great contributions to the aluminium industry through his services spanning more than 60 years. He has worked across the entire aluminium value chain, from the metallurgical study of alloys, the development of light metal applications to the publication of countless technical papers, and the creation of sector events, magazines and technical books. Mario created the first-ever international aluminium trade exhibition in Italy

Active for more than 60 years in the world of aluminium, Mario Conserva has worked for the National Research Council, at the Experimental Institute for Light Metals, Alumetal, Alumix, Alnord, Alfin, Edimet and Metra. He was a member of the Executive Board of the European Aluminium Association, chairman of the Alubuild Market Group and Extruders Division of EA, chairman of the Centroal Aluminum Group of Assomet, and vice chairman of IGQ.


I am proud of this award that valorises what we have done in our country over many years in the field of light alloys, from basic research on alloys and treatments, to application development, communication and knowledge dissemination, to the preservation of the small and medium-sized companies that have made the vitality of the aluminium value chain in Ital and Europe.” – shares Mario Conserva – “Aluminium is a fundamental material for our future, it is a protagonist for smart solutions in all fields, from automotive to construction, packaging, mechanics, furniture and design, it is a master at recycling as well as being at the centre of the ecological transition and the circular economy. I would like to share this important moment with the many colleagues I have been fortunate enough to have as collaborators over all these years of commitment; I dedicate in particular this precious recognition to the city of Brescia, where I have carried out the last 40 years of my activity in the field of aluminium, and which is one of the great hubs in Italy and Europe for the history of the development of our light metal, with great excellences that have made us famous all over the world.”


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