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Why it is time to bring down to zero the EU import tariff on unwrought aluminium

The EU historically applies an outdated import tariff structure of 3% -4% – 6% on unwrought (primary and secondary) aluminium. Now that EU consumers must import around 75% of their needs in primary aluminium, these tariffs, bringing additional 75-150 Euro of cost to every tonne of unwrought aluminium purchased in the EU, appear to be a clear and absurd obstacle to the economic growth in the EU aluminium industry.

This outdated and distortive import tariff structure is still maintained, despite the absence of any economic reason, because of the position of EU and some non-EU unwrought aluminium producers who generate an extra margin at the expense of the entire EU industrial sector, and downstream aluminium processors in particular.

Since 1999, FACE has advocated for the zeroing of all EU import tariffs on the industry’s raw materials to level the playing field, to help fill the gap and to support the competitiveness of EU independent aluminium transformers and users, who represent more than 92% of the EU aluminium industry’s workforce.

With the absurdity of the unwrought import tariff becoming even more obvious, it is time to finally bring them to zero.


Click here to download the document in pdf.’s-import-tariff-on-raw-aluminium.pdf


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