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Aluminium in Europe Newsletter: May 27

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FACE Aluminium brings you a roundup of last week’s aluminium news.

Among the latest main news: in Europe, aluminium producers are seeking to secure stable energy supplies, automakers are choosing aluminium for their new range of commercial vehicles. In the world, alumina price is likely to go down as Alunorte and Albras go back to full capacity, and trade associations welcome the US decision to remove import tariffs on Canada and Mexico. 


Trimet Launches Trial For Its Virtual Battery

German Trimet Aluminium started the trial operation of its virtual battery – an innovative electricity solution the company hopes will help it in its energy transition. The launch is the latest development in Trimet’s research project that started six years ago.


Gränges Buys Infrastructure To Secure Energy Supply

Swedish Gränges acquired the entire utilities infrastructure from Jernbro on its industrial premises in Finspång. The facilities are meant to help the company secure a reliable and long-term supply of energy and other utilities.


Constellium Chosen To Supply Groupe PSA With Automotive Aluminium

Dutch Constellium will supply aluminium Auto Body Sheet for Groupe PSA’s new Peugeot and Citroen vans. It is the first time Groupe PSA is using aluminium components for its light commercial vehicles.


European Aluminium Calls On US To Exempt EU From Aluminium Tariffs

Following the Trump Administration deal with Canada and Mexico to exempt the countries from the 10 per cent tariff on aluminium imports, European Aluminium reiterated the need to liberalise aluminium flows between the US and the EU. The association also called for multiparty efforts to address Chinese overcapacity to fix the distortions in the global aluminium value chain.



Albras Resumes Normal Operations

Norsk Hydro’s and Nippon Amazon’s Albras aluminium plant in Brazil will resume normal production following the lifting of curtailments on the Alunorte alumina refinery. The plant is expected to work at full capacity by the second half of the year.


Alumina Limited Expects Less Income Due To Lower Alumina Prices

Australian Alumina Limited warned its shareholders of lower profits due to falling alumina prices after the Alunorte alumina refinery was able to go back to full production. Last year, the company registered a 167 per cent increase in revenue due to higher alumina prices in the context of Alunorte embargoes and Rusal sanctions.


Rusal Secures Mine Rights To Feed Its Alumina Refinery

Russia’s Rusal received a licence to develop the Goryachegorsk nepheline mine that will provide the main raw material for the Achinsk alumina refinery. Rusal expects the new field reserves to supply its alumina refinery for the next 60 years.


Aluminium Imports Threaten India’s Domestic Producers – AAI

The Aluminium Association of India warned that high import levels of aluminium from abroad and China’s membership in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership led to a decline of domestic production. The AAI claims that regional free-trade agreements enable China to undercut India’s producers with low-cost aluminium even if India can produce its own primary aluminium at a competitive price.



Aluminium Cans Show Impressive Reduction In Carbon Emissions

Metal Packaging Europe published the results of its latest study into the life cycle of aluminium beverage cans – tracking them from raw materials to end-of-life. In a ten-year period, the carbon footprint of aluminium cans went down by 31 per cent – a clear example of aluminium industry’s commitment to eco-friendly production.


Hydro’s German Plants To Offer Certified Aluminium

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified Norsk Hydro’s aluminium rolled products plants in Hamburg and Neuss, and the joint venture site Alunorf against its Chain of Custody Standard. The certification enables the company to offer ASI certified aluminium to their customers.


EGA Launches New Facility To Increase Industrial Waste Recycling

UAE’s Emirates Global Aluminium put into operation a new pre-treatment and crusher facility for spent pot lining in its efforts to recycle the aluminium smelting by-product and re-use it in the country’s cement industry. Spent pot lining will now be used to replace some fuel and refractory materials in cement manufacturing.


The World’s Largest Aluminium Ship

Australian shipbuilder Incat will build the world’s largest aluminium ship, which the Argentinian ferry services company Buquebus will use to transport passengers between Argentina and Uruguay. The 130-metre long ship will run on environmentally friendly LNG with a maximum speed of over 40 knots.



Aluminerie Alouette Draws Conclusions From US Tariffs

Patrice L’Huiller – the chief of Canadian Aluminerie Alouette – said that President Trump’s Section 232 tariffs cut into the company’s profits, but did not affect production levels. Instead, the tariffs encouraged Canada to control the overflow of aluminium from China and ship more products to Europe at the cost of added logistic costs.


Aluminium Tariffs Harming American Beer Industry

The Trump Administration tariffs on aluminium imports led to the loss of 40,000 jobs, claim American beer trade association in a newly released report. The Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association says the the tariffs lead to higher prices and prevent companies from making investments into innovation and expansion of their businesses.


Trade Associations Applaud Lifting Tariffs On Mexico And Canada

Apparel and garment business bodies welcomed the deal to remove US aluminium and steel tariffs on Canada and Mexico. The move by the Trump Administration means that Canada and Mexico removed their retaliatory tariffs and could now facilitate the advance of the newly negotiated USMCA trade agreement.


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