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Aluminium Cans Market Sees Substantial Growth


Producers of aluminium aerosol containers experienced a significant expansion of their business, with nearly 3.3 billion cans manufactured in the first half of 2018, reported on October 1st the International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL). The output figure represents a market growth of around 5 per cent at the time when demand for deodorants and antiperspirants continues to grow worldwide.


Manufacturers of aluminium aerosol cans see an increase in production output for a number of cosmetic products such as dry shampoos foaming shower gels, and sun creams. Moreover, the pharmaceutical sector continues to drive aluminium cans demand.


In its analysis of global economic areas, AEROBOL shows that the European and North American markets lead the way in terms of demand. However, the report highlights the growing importance of Asian and South American markets and highlights them as drivers for future demand growth.


The organisation points out that the current debates around microplastics in the environment and the growing concern for plastic waste in the oceans is opening up new opportunities for metal packaging. As an infinitely recyclable material, aluminium offers clear advantages over plastic when it comes to. In this light, aluminium container manufacturers are calling for cooperation and research to further consolidate aluminium as a clear choice for sustainable packaging.


AEROBAL President Leopold Werdich commented:


“Our member companies are conducting intensive joint research with upstream material suppliers on new alloys for containers. These alloys will help to reduce the already low weight of aluminium containers to an even greater extent, thereby achieving the highest possible level of resource efficiency. This will, in turn, further improve the CO2 footprint of aluminium containers.”


The current developments in the packaging industry are encouraging for the light metal, with the organisation’s Secretary General Gregor Spengler expressing confidence about further growth prospects.


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