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Audi Becomes The First Downstream User Of Aluminium To Be ASI Certified


Audi AG became earlier this week the first downstream aluminium consumer to receive a certificate from the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The German carmaker received the accolade for its aluminium components for and assembling of high-voltage batteries C-BEV for the Audi e-tron.


ASI – a non-profit standardisation and certification body in the aluminium industry – certified Audi’s manufacturing sites in Neckarsulm, Györ and Brussels after evaluating product design, life cycle assessments, management of process scrap, and the collection and recycling of the plants’ products at the end of their operational lives.


It is the first time such a certification is issued to an “Industrial User”, meaning that Audi voluntarily sought to meet ASI’s sustainability standards. “Audi stands for sustainability along the entire supply chain,” commented on the news, Dr. Bernd Martens – Member of the Board of Management for Procurement and IT at Audi, adding: “The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative has created transparency with its new certification program.”



Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI, congratulated Audi AG and pointed out to the need of such certifications in the downstream users of aluminium:

“ASI sincerely congratulates Audi AG on their achievement of the first ASI Certification by an Industrial User. ASI’s standards have application throughout the aluminium value chain, including in downstream use sectors such as automotive which aim to support future mobility. The rapidly growing electrical vehicle market is expected to create significant drivers for the uptake of responsible supply chain standards. Downstream users of aluminium also have a critical role to play in embedding material stewardship principles in design, life cycle analyses, closed-loop scrap management and end-of-life product strategies. Audi has contributed to the development of ASI since the early days of the initiative and we commend them on their commitment and drive to reach this important milestone.”


Audi AG is one of the European carmakers favouring the development of electric vehicles to catch up with manufacturers in the United States and China. The growth in electric vehicles is predicted to expand aluminium consumption by 10 million tonnes.

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