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STAS acquires SERMAS Industrie


Quebec’s family-run STAS – a high-technology equipment supplier – acquired SERMAS Industrie – a French company specialised in the sawing of large materials for the aluminium industry. The companies did not disclose financial details about the deal.


Through its acquisition of SERMAS Industrie, STAS is seeking to become a key player for the aluminium industry by offering turnkey and other solutions to aluminium smelters, rolling mills, extrusion plants, forging plants, recyclers, among others.


SERMAS – active in the aluminium industry since 1983 and located in St Quentin Sur Isère, near Grenoble in France – employs around 40 people and operates over 500 units producing equipment for making cast aluminium products, including sawing equipment for ingots, billets, milling machines for making cast or rolled plates, and anode preparation equipment.


STAS ­– founded in 1989 in Chicoutimi, Quebec – employs over 160 people, runs over 1500 equipment units and sells equipment to the aluminium sector in over 40 countries.


STAS and SERMAS worked together in the past covering similar markets. STAS’s expansion into Europe comes after the company established its presence in Australia. The Quebec firm plans to increase its turnover from 60M$ to 108M$ within five years.


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